These are some of the resources our partners use for educational studies and research.


  Gray Metal Box which gives earnings predictions from several sources including 1st Call via Thomson, Zack's,  Reuter's, and some info from Morningstar at the Reuter's via Morningstar site.
  Check a company's finances by using the Bob Adams Annual Report Spread Sheet.  Annual report are available either from the Internet site of the company or by requesting a copy from the company. 
  When looking for competitors to the company under study, Yahoo's finance site is a good place to find them.  It is also a good site to look up historical prices. 
Brian Lewis' Site
  One of our own... Brian Lewis keeps a collection of things that he felt were useful to the NAIC community but either didn’t see elsewhere or felt that another version added sufficient value so as to be worth doing. The main reason Brian started “my own” site was that he often saw the same sorts of questions come up in classes he taught, in club visits, on the i-club-list or Compuserve forum, etc.   Probably the core item on the site is the FAQ list,
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