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Coast to Coast On-Line Investment Club (CTCOLIC) began as an idea in November 1997, and became operational as a partnership in April 1998 with nine Charter members.  We’re a group of Internet acquaintances from all across the United States from COAST TO COAST, thus our Club's name.

We met on the I-Club-List, the National Association of Investors Corporation's (NAIC) email list formed to discuss & teach its investing principles. Now as Partners, we're pooling our money and investigating stocks to invest in, with the goal of doubling our money every five years.  CTCOLIC provides the perfect setting to hone our investing skills and spread out the work of finding & watching promising stocks, while enjoying the camaraderie of like-minded investors.

NAIC, a non-profit organization, was founded in 1951 with a mission to provide a program of sound investment information, education and support that helps create successful lifetime investors.

They  encourage a strategic long-term approach to investing that focuses on the selection and ownership of quality leadership companies with expected returns that deliver a doubling in value over five year time horizons.

We use NAIC principles and their study materials to focus our learning and analysis.   The principles are basic and simple:


Invest regularly, regardless of the Market outlook, for the long term,


Reinvest all earnings (dividends & proceeds from stock sales),


Invest in high quality growth companies, and 


Diversify by industry and company size.



Investment education is our primary focus.  To meet this goal, we study both educational topics of interest, and companies & industries using the NAIC Stock Selection Guide (SSG) and other tools. For more information about how we approach our studies, see our  Stock Studies and Study Schedule pages.  To judge how well we’ve done, check out Portfolio page with links to our Portfolio Summary and Club Valuation Reports.  We have also compiled a list of some of our favorite web sites & resources for continued education and research.


We conduct all of our business in cyberspace, holding a continuous "virtual meeting" via our Yahoo Groups email lists.  While only Partners and Prospective Partners may post to the mailing lists, anyone may follow our activities by subscribing to the lists with "read only" privileges.  We also hold live monthly business meetings, along with other various educational sessions via AOL Instant Messenger.  This offers us an outlet for a quick exchange of ideas and voting, and an opportunity to socialize with our fellow Partners.  For more information on our mailing lists and online meetings, see Club Communications.  


If you’re interested in joining CTCOLIC, please check our New Member page for information from the Membership Committee.


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